Regal Eagles

Never done this before with photographers but everything have to be a first time. Bjørn Oddvar asked me -“should we go out to stay a whole night?”

23 – 28/02/2009

This was my first trip to Norway and to the realm of eagles and The Eagle Man Ole Martin Dahle.

I was not disappointed!

Yes there were times of bad light and too much falling snow, but what can you expect in February?

To sit in Ole Martins eagle hide at the “first knockings” of daylight and hear the sound of an eagle calling just meters above your head is to be communing with nature on another level!

For the first-time visitor, as I was, this was something of a heart-stopping moment; but nothing to compare with the visual spectacle I got when one of these awesome birds came in to feed, just a few meters in front of me.

From the first day to the last I was privileged to photograph wild White-tailed and Golden Eagle in the beauty of their natural surroundings – in short, Ole Martin gave me a most unique opportunity – which, to be honest, is the “stuff” of a wildlife photographers dreams.

Wild eagles in wild Norway exhibiting natural behaviour – what else can I say except “Utrolig!!!”.

After returning to the UK from my visit with Ole Martin Dahle the only question I ask myself is “When am I going back?”.

 Andy Astbury, Wildlife in Pixels

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