Great start Vetle

Never done this before with photographers but everything have to be a first time. Bjørn Oddvar asked me -“should we go out to stay a whole night?”

New Year and it looks great. I love winter, cold, calm, snow and open fire!! And when you do it with your own children, than it’s even better. They still like my company, funny:-) Not always!!! But Troy, the Dog, is also good company.

I think this is the best time of the year for some birds as well. Like the Ptarmigans. There are no Gyr Falcons around, they can make their Iglo under deep snow and it’s easy to find what they need. I think this is also a very good time of the year for the Norwegian national bird Dipper. Crazy litle beauty.

In Flatanger we have real winter for 2 weeks now and the forecast say more winter.

It’s rock’n roll at the hides and people are doing well. Had 7 from UK this christmas, great people as always.

Take care and all the best for 2010. Keep in touch.