You’ll fall in love

Never done this before with photographers but everything have to be a first time. Bjørn Oddvar asked me -“should we go out to stay a whole night?”

Another visit to Ole’s and you know what to expect ….its hard bettering perfection but again he comes up trumps… It’s were all the stars go you know !

Eagles in winter was the quarry with ‘Charlie’ the Arctic fox a personal goal for me ,something I’d waited 12 months for. The images played over and over in my mind all to become a reality progressively over the week.

The week had started hard with temperatures as low as -21 according to the digital readout in the car . I’m going to need some thicker gloves was my concern. I recalled a friends comment 2008, Andy Astbury, who said: “don’t go to Ole’s you’ll fall in love with the place and you will never want to come home.”

Well he wasn’t far wrong even at these temperatures I wasn’t going to be found sleeping over for the warmth of the duvet. These sojourns to Lauvsnes become second nature now. The vistas from the windows as welcoming as at home and always beckoning.

Another epic adventure and a chance to touch nature in its skin. Life is enjoying the passage of time. What a place to enjoy the ride.

Du vil elske Ole, du vil elske hans ørn og stedet hvor de bor. Men mest av alt, vil du elske hans føtter.

Alles aller beste venn

Takk skal du ha for å holde troen!

Mark Davies

I’ll be back soon .( if you will have me .)

You be good now and have a great time this summer.

Look after Charlie for me .