Never done this before with photographers but everything have to be a first time. Bjørn Oddvar asked me -“should we go out to stay a whole night?”

During the summer I have to go out to do some serious fishing for the eagles.I have a few hundred fish as a back up, and I always bring with me about 25-30 every day on a eagle trip.

So you know, life is hard for the Coalfish ( Pollachius Virenes)

This summer it’s just amazing how much fish it’s in the sea! Lots of my guests like to try and a few also making a good dinner in the afternoon.

So this day my wife went with me, two gets more than one so after one hour we had 140 Coalfish. We gave the Gulls some, Gull are just great birds.

So nice!!

Sea Eagle came for a look and we had to give them as well. And we could also have a nice dinner ourselves. Fresh and healthy dinner.

So this year will be very good for the Terns, Gull, Sea Eagles and other sea birds. I love to see the living sea.

Thank you nature!!