Had to try!!

Never done this before with photographers but everything have to be a first time. Bjørn Oddvar asked me -“should we go out to stay a whole night?”

Some times i have to go to the nearest town Namsos. Dentist is expencive and not fun at all. When you still have your own teeth you realy have to go there!! I have a few. This morning I was busy, but my Nikon was in the car.

Beautiful day, and in a frozen fjord only about 20km from Lauvsnes I saw something on the ice, OTTER!! Shit, i am not dressed for be a wildlifephotographer this morning so I took a few shots from the car. DOTT on the ice. Have to get a litle bit closer. Shoes in the deep snow and than try to get as low as a man in my age can be.

Some cars passing and I can feel the eyes from people thinking ,”this must be a Bearde Seal”. But i am focused. Otter is coming closer, he mybe think I am a Seal!!

But when he is 3 meters away from me he can see and smell that this clumsy, funny body on the ice is not funny at all. Otter drops the Plaice and he is gone.

Just a great start!! Wet, frozen but now i am ready for the dentist.Yahaaa!!! 🙂

PS! The last picture is from an Otter I have in the barn!! He moved in about two months ago. Dont know why but i must try to be his friend. I give him fish every day. He have meet a person who would love to be a friend!! So lucky to live here!!! Ole