Tom,Vidar and Bent.15-18.March 2012

Never done this before with photographers but everything have to be a first time. Bjørn Oddvar asked me -“should we go out to stay a whole night?”

This was a test. 4 days inland to try and get some Ptarmigans in winter plumage. Not easy!! At Flatanger we had like a spring but after 4 hours driving we thought we where lost in artic Norway!!

Some places 4 meters of snow but mostly 2 meters deep snow. What could we see and photograph?

My guests Tom, Vidar and Bent became afraid that this was a big mistake. They had a flight from Oslo and than 5 hours drive to see nothing than snow. But it was not that bad.

We had a wonderful stay close in the most spectacular plase you can dreem about. Great snow covered mountains, deep white snow, lots of Ptarmigans and landscaps but also beautiful sesions with the white Stoat.

It’s not easy to walk in this snow:-) Bent had a fall and in the pictures you can see who are friends and not.

Vidar had a good laughter when Bent nearly broken his foot. But than you see who are a friends and who’s not. Tom droped his camera to help Bent while Vider continued shooting Ptarmigans.

Sunday morning we had a meeting with the Eider Ducks before i drow my guests back to the airport.

Thank you Tom, Vidar and Bent. This was a great weekend and so much fun and great stories. Still smiling. This is a trip i will do in the future and if someone would like to meet the Ptarmigans in winter plumage, get in touch.

Back home i had to feed “my” Otter. She was hungry. I must make a swimming pool for here!! Ole