Thanks Ole!

Never done this before with photographers but everything have to be a first time. Bjørn Oddvar asked me -“should we go out to stay a whole night?”

Springtime for us as nature-photographers is like party every day! But springtime in Scandinavia is even a bigger party, two elusive birds start to show themselves and perform a spectacular display, in the middle of ancient forests and bogs: the huge Capercaillie and noisy Black grouse.

Displays don’t last that long however, so to have the best of the best, you need to plan your photography very careful! Our company Tierra Photo Tours was lucky to be able to book a week at Ole’s place this year to photograph ‘his’ Capercaillie and ‘his’ Black grouse at exactly the right time!
Both species are displaying in a wonderful scenery here in Flatanger: the Caper performs it’s show in an ancient boreal forest and the Black grouse on a bog in a fjord. Both spectacular spots, that are so photogenic you don’t even need a bird to love the landscape! Birds were in the middle of their highest courtship, and we witnessed fighting, mating and lot’s of impressing of rivals! So a lot of good photo- opportunities!
On our previous trips to Norway with Ole, we have found out that options here are endless, so this trip turned out to be another head-cracking time of choices: do we want to do the Capercaillie tomorrow, or the Black grouse, or the White tailed eagles and gulls, or the Red squirrels and Bullfinches and Crested tits, or do we want to shoot landscapes in the spectacular ancient boreal rainforest,…?? Too much to choose, and that’s why we come here ànd come back, time after time!

Looking forward to our next visit, Ole, and keep up the good work!

Thanks! Yves Adams Tierra Photo Tours