Where do you find Flatanger:

We can start the trip from Trondheim airport Vaernes.
– From the airport to our municipality center LAUVSNES it is about 180 km.
– Follow E6 north to Steinkjer, keep that route another 7 km north to ASP. Turn left at ASP and follow route 17 for 40 km to SJØÅSEN.
– Then turn left again to route 766 and follow this about 40 km to LAUVSNES, and there you will find us.

It is also possible to go by train from the airport to Steinkjer. From Steinkjer to Lauvsnes it is about 90 km.


About Flatanger Municipality

Flatanger is a municipality consisting of 1120 inhabitants and almost the same number of islets and skerries. An archipelago easy to navigate in if you know the area. Nature is complex, here it includes both a rugged coastline, forest nature and great mountains.

People in Flatanger make their income from aquaculture, boat building, crafts, teaching, trade, health services, tourism, agriculture etc.

We have lived here all our lives and we want to keep on doing so. But at the same time we appreciate and welcome guests. We are proud of the nature here and hope we manage to administer it in a good way for the future.

We show you this to make you understand why this is the best place to live, for people and nature’s diversity.