b. 1958 – Biography

Ole Martin Dahle is an agronomist by profession. He was a farmer for some years before he started working for Flatanger municipality. Together with his wife Wenche Anita Larsen Dahle he has two sons; Odin and Vetle.

After meeting Peter Cairns and Mark Hamblin in Flatanger the winter of 2000 the direction changed. Slowly, but surely Ole Martin started preparing for nature photographers.

Ole Martin quit his job for the municipality early 2006 and has since then worked full-time as a guide and facilitator. It has been a dream come true, where the love for nature combined with his social capacity has made it possible for Ole Martin to make an income for him and his family.

With the combination of nature and his guests, Ole Martin wishes to continue his journey where all these elements are joined together.

Welcome to enjoying nature in the world of the “Eagle man”.


b.1969 – Biography

She was born and raised in Flatanger, Nord-Trøndelag, in her eyes paradise on earth. She is married to Ole Martin Dahle and they have two sons together.

Wenche studied to be an assistant nurse. In 2013 she took a bachelor in music, an open bachelor with drama, arts and crafts, music, rhythm and production as subjects. In addition she has a study in yoik.

Wenche has been in the creation and development of Norway Nature from the start. She has been responsible for the design of the guesthouse, she guides and organizes in the hides and assists where assist is needed.

Wenche has recently gained interest in photography, as she has been inspired by photographers from home and abroad who visit Flatanger.