Autumn - What can you photograph?

What can you

Autumn period lasts from 1st September to 30th Oktober

The autumn decorates the coastal nature with its many colours. We love these beautiful autumn days with the lovely daylight.

Days are not long, but the day-light is just magic.

Flatanger has a large tribe of elk/moose (alces alces). At this time of the year the antlers are majestetic, and the opportunities of getting awsome images are great.

The sea eagle is still here and we are more than happy to take a trip out to the ocean.

The eaglets are still in their birth territories.

In the autumn we also give our guests the opportunity to get pictures of musk ox (ovibos moschatus), – and even an artic fox (vulpes lagopus) might appear. In these astonishing landscapes of Dovrefjell you can get completely taken by the greatness of it all.

So a tour combining both sea eagle, elk, musk ox and breathtaking autumn nature is naturally very popular.

Welcome to autumn-coloured Trøndelag.


Chances are good that you´ll have the possibility to photograph these species:

  • moskus

    Musk ox

    (Ovibos moschatus) Photo: Ole Martin Dahle

  • hstfjellrev

    Arctic fox

    (Alopex lagopus) Photo: Ole Martin Dahle

  • hstelg


    (Alces alces) Photo: Wenche A L Dahle

  • hsthavrn

    Sea eagle

    (Haliaetus albicilla) Photo: Ole Martin Dahle

  • hstmke

    Seagull with humans

    (larus) Photo: Ole Martin Dahle