Summer - What can you photograph?

What can you

Summer period lasts from 15th May to 1st September

Summer is an exciting time out here by the coast. Approximately 20 pairs of nesting sea eagles make a perfect opportunity of observing eagle families working hard to gather food for their eaglets.

Usually we guide in the mornings and evenings when the light quality is at its best. That makes both an early start and late evenings since we have daylight almost around the clock here in summer.

We have great areas that can give magic background light, and steep, dark cliffs. A fantastic nature for both birds and human beings.            

On days like these it is not unlikely to observe harbor porpoise (phocoena phocoena). The artic skua (stercorarius parasiticus) has become a summer friend and comes around every day to get some fish.

On these tours there are always sea gulls following us, and “Charlie” – a herring gull – has become a close friend of Ole Martin. Plenty of other  birds and animals can also be seen, such as Otter (lutra lutra), red fox (vulpes vulpes), Roa deer (capreolus capreolus), Red-throated diver (gavial stellata) and Black-throated diver (gavial arctica).

We also have a photo shed for Pine marten (martes martes) that we hope will function from the season of 2015. In addition there are photo sheds for squirrels and different birds.

Summer is also a great time for boat trips together with children and friends. An evening tour on sea among some of Flatanger’s many islands is just a breathtaking experience.

Out at sea there are no mosquitos or other insects.

Welcome to exciting adventures in the coastal nature of Trøndelag.


Chances are good that you´ll have the possibility to photograph these species:

  • vr-havrn

    Sea eagle

    (Haliaeetus albicilla) Photo: Ole Martin Dahle

  • vr-elg


    (Alces alces) Photo: Ole Martin Dahle

  • tyvjo

    Arctic skua

    (Stercorarius parasiticus) Photo: Wenche A L Dahle

  • forsidebilde


    (larus) Photo: Ole Martin Dahle

  • hstmke

    Seagull with humans

    (larus) Photo: Ole Martin Dahle