Spring in Norway ???

Spring means: nice whether, some sunshine and + temperatures, but we had it all, some sunshine, lots of rain, hale, snow, -temperatures and of course the wind. This is a little bit different then the spring in Holland 🙂 But anyway it was a good trip with lots of pictures.

This trip i went for the Caper, Black Grouse and Slavonian Grebe and you will allways have a surprise bird or mammal 🙂

I started with the Caper in Flatanger and I will never forget the first night,because this is more then just making some pictures and listen to the sound of the male, I can not explain what it is, you have to Feel This!! I liked it and did it 3 times, I can do this for a week or more 🙂

On our way to Tunnsjø, we found the Slavonian Grebe in a huge Lake near Steinkjer. These birds are not shy when you are silence and have patient, they come close, between 10 and 20 meter, perfect distance for little birds.

We also did 2 days Caper in snow in Tunnsjø (north from Flatanger) you didn’t have to walk that much, because they bring you with the Cool snowmobile, it was very cool to go with that brutal machine!!

In the snow I did some new photography, making pictures with a frozen lens, I never did that before and I will try it again this winter 🙂 the last night it was -7 in the tent and it started with a little bit sunshine, but very soon the fog came and my lenses started to freeze, I clean them, but it didn’t work and I had to wait till they where clean again, so I miss the big fighting with the 2 males, well missed ?? I got some frozen images…

We also find Black Throated divers on a Lake, that was a easy choice for me, do them or not ?? The sound is awesome, but they are shy and keep their distance, 40/50 meter is normal for those birds.

Ole Martin told me that the Siskin was a new species at the Goshawk hide, he sayd was it a greenfinch or ??? nope it is a Siskin and i was able to take a couple pictures of the birds.

Again i had a great trip and see you next time.

Zenno Bloemendal,

Funny week

They dont know about the vulcano!! (I think)

It has been a funny week. Sunday and Monday LOTS of snow. Should be spring by now i hoped.

But it is easier to see the tracks of the Caper when it’s snow on the ground. And the Caper is leking!!

This week I have been doing film with a german filmcrew, filming Sea Eagles from boat is not easy but we had good luck with the weather, snow on Monday and than sping again!! They were very pleased. Eagles in snow and Eagles in sunset. Good for me!!

For some weeks I have tryed a Nikon D700 with a 200-400mm lense, I am getting sharp pictures!! Thank you to www.stavangerfoto.no, i´m having good fun now, even if I am not a good photographer.

So now it’s time to guide people to the Black Grouse, Capercaille, Sea Eagles and lot more. Spring is not easy, you want to be everywhere at the same time, that’s not possible but I will do my best to help the photographers to get the best.

I also love the Gulls!! It’s so funny!! Greetings from Arnold and Charlie.

So lets hope the vulcano is not doing to much trouble for us.

Arnold is still alive!!!

For those of you who have seen “Arnold” the Eagle in Flatanger, I have a message, he is still alive!!

After a long ,cold,snowy and hard winter it was great to see that Arnold is still alive. We called him Arnold because of his bad looking face (could be me or Arnold from California).

Look at this beak, it was like this also last year. I was realy afraid that this winter would be his last so I was just so happy to see him picking fish again, good man!!

As me, he has a beautiful wife, the other picture, lovely girl to have in the cliffs. I am not sure they are nesting this year, but I hope his chicks will look better if he success. So we have to keep him going, mybe he need a fan club?

As you also can see, Charlie is back in buisness, eating from the hand already.Amazing after 5 months away, think he knows me from last year. Good friends to have.

Did also see one Black- headed Gull, not a common spices in Flatanger.

So to all of you, spring is back, Capercaillie is leking from the sound of Black Grouse. Feels great to be a part of this nature. We have to fight for it!!!

All wishes fulfilled!

Winter at it’s best in Lauvsnes! Snow-capped trees all around, crispy cold and a perfect mixture of snowfall and sunshine. Eagles, Goshawks, Jays and many small bird-species could be photographed as well as moose in heavy snowfall and several predators at a visit in the enclosures of a zoo.

Ole-Martin did a perfect job: He knows “his” animals and he knows the needs of the photographers. Every photo-place is prepared for the highest demands. Perfect background, perfect perspective from the hides, perfect distance to the animals, that’s really something special in the “wildlife-photography-business”!

His good sense of humor makes you feel happy even when the day should not have been the best from the photographic point of view, what could happen, because it is still nature what we are taking pictures of. And to arrive at the cosy, warm guesthouse at the sea after a long cold day makes you feel like coming home. A fantastic stay in a winter-wonderland that ended with a brilliant Aurora borealis over Lauvsnes.

All wishes fulfilled!

Werner Bollmann – www.wernerbollmann.de

Vømmøls condom

A few of you know about my ugly beard. I told a friend some years ago that I will let it grow until we are 1500 people living in Flatanger. We are now 1107, we need a few more as you can se. So you know,we would like more people to move to our beautiful place and one option to increas the population is using this condom.

Some info about this condom:
-100% wool
-environmentally friendly
-can be washed by machine
Fore recycling
Not treated with chlorine
Can be used in cold conditions

SO: Think environment before safety. Help us to increase the population of Flatanger!!!

I’ll recommend it.
Ole M

You’ll fall in love

Another visit to Ole’s and you know what to expect ….its hard bettering perfection but again he comes up trumps… It’s were all the stars go you know !

Eagles in winter was the quarry with ‘Charlie’ the Arctic fox a personal goal for me ,something I’d waited 12 months for. The images played over and over in my mind all to become a reality progressively over the week.

The week had started hard with temperatures as low as -21 according to the digital readout in the car . I’m going to need some thicker gloves was my concern. I recalled a friends comment 2008, Andy Astbury, who said: “don’t go to Ole’s you’ll fall in love with the place and you will never want to come home.”

Well he wasn’t far wrong even at these temperatures I wasn’t going to be found sleeping over for the warmth of the duvet. These sojourns to Lauvsnes become second nature now. The vistas from the windows as welcoming as at home and always beckoning.

Another epic adventure and a chance to touch nature in its skin. Life is enjoying the passage of time. What a place to enjoy the ride.

Du vil elske Ole, du vil elske hans ørn og stedet hvor de bor. Men mest av alt, vil du elske hans føtter.

Alles aller beste venn

Takk skal du ha for å holde troen!

Mark Davies

I’ll be back soon .( if you will have me .)

You be good now and have a great time this summer.

Look after Charlie for me .

Aurora Borealis – the silent symphony

A few weeks ago I had a group from Hungary. In the evening I saw there was something going on in the North direction of the night sky. I went down to the guesthouse and told them to have a look outside. Some of them had never seen in before, and it has to be seen!!

Amazing evening.

The smile

This is what a guide are looking for, the smile. I know it´s been a good day, my guests had a wonderful day.

It is not alway like this, yesterday the meteorologist told us to stay inside, a big storm one it’s way.Today we had to stay inside, maybe they took a look at what they have got the first 3 days.

But the weather is changing fast, cold and nice weather is coming back and hopefully the smile. I love the smile, even if it’s not sharp, I love this job!


BioFoto Central Norway’s yearly weekend in Flatanger
(Written by Edvard Bergene)

The weekend 15-17. January a group from the local chapter of the nature photo organization BioFoto visited Ole Martin in Flatanger for the 6th (or 7th?) time. Some of the participants have been returning on this joined tour every year and some were first timers. To fill all places this year we also had BioFoto participants outside the Trondheim area. During the latest years the success rate among us have increased considerably both due to experience and also improved equipment such as high ISO capable DSLRs. This year’s tour was the most successful so far and every participant got good images of eagles. Some of us also had great success in the relative new hide for goose hawk.

Goose hawk (Photo: Edvard Bergene)

Of course it is easy to utilize Ole Martins hides without doing much ourselves, but those who claim it takes no effort at all to take good photographs of eagles and hawks from hides should try themselves. The best scenes often arise in a split second and if you are not ready you miss the shot. It is also very fascinating just to observe these large birds at close range.

White tailed eagle landing to feed on moose leg (Photo: Sylfest Myklatun)

The advantage of going relatively early in the year is that the chances of fights and action among young birds is high, but the down side is that there is less light available. This year we were quite lucky with the weather conditions, but as long as there is birds to photograph all conditions may yield good shots.

Young white tailed eagles fighting (Photo: Edvard Bergene)

Saturday evening we joined a common meal at the nearby Zanzibar Inn at Lauvsnes. The local caught cod was excellent.

Happy photograpers leaving the hide after a succesful day (Photo: Edvard Bergene)

We will be back. The date for next year’s tour is already set!

Death of a moose

It´s a beautiful winter in Norway, cold, snow and a time to take photo-trips around in the snow-covered landscape.

In this condtion with cold weather, snow and short days the Moose are activ early in the morning and in the evening, serching for food. In the early morning and evening it’s hard to see them and there have been lots of Moose”killing” this winter.

You know a Moose, more than 400kg, is not a healty meeting for the the car or the animal, sometimes even people are killed.

So if you are driving in Norway this time of the year you need to drive carefully. But it means I have very good bait for my eagles!

But nobody likes this to happen and it’s a lot of pain for this beautiful animal. So take care moose, we like you around, but stay away from the road even if it’s easier to walk there!!! We have not made it easy for you, animals.