Great start Vetle

New Year and it looks great. I love winter, cold, calm, snow and open fire!! And when you do it with your own children, than it’s even better. They still like my company, funny:-) Not always!!! But Troy, the Dog, is also good company.

I think this is the best time of the year for some birds as well. Like the Ptarmigans. There are no Gyr Falcons around, they can make their Iglo under deep snow and it’s easy to find what they need. I think this is also a very good time of the year for the Norwegian national bird Dipper. Crazy litle beauty.

In Flatanger we have real winter for 2 weeks now and the forecast say more winter.

It’s rock’n roll at the hides and people are doing well. Had 7 from UK this christmas, great people as always.

Take care and all the best for 2010. Keep in touch.

Marry Christmas

I know you all are coverd in snow, mybe it’s cold as well.

Have got e-mails from Spain , London and other plases and you have the same weather as Flatanger.

I like it, and we hope we will have a normal winter in 2010 as well.

From me and my fam, Wenche, Odin, Vetle and Ole we hope you all will have a peaceful Christmas time, come down and find the good feeling. All the best for 2010 and thank you to all who have been here during 2009.

See you back and you are welcome!!

Ole M

2 hours in the hide

This was the day when nature changed from something between autum and spring in few hours.

But Sunday morning, the advent Sunday , was just fabulous!! Meant to take a mountain walk with the boys and the dog,but it was to much snow, and it was still snowing!!
I let the boys sleep, I am heading to the small bird hide, could be nice to get small birds in snow.

Into the forest, dark realy, but good enough for me:-) This is always fun, fast small birds, asking for more speed but this is the light i have., take it or leave it.

Hade a nice sesion with Coal Tit, Eurasian Jay, Great Tit, Willow and Crested.
Heard from the lad sitting with the Golden eagles, four GE in the snow!! Bastard!! 🙂

But when I whent out the light was very dramatic, and when you want to do everything you are just doing everything wrong!! And i am not good at this.

Forecast say more snow!!
I need some more pictures for my blog. I’ll try to get some more landscaps.Take care!
Ole m

Crazy photographers

– “I’ll sleep in the hide tonight,” crazy photographers. Kjartan called me 2300.

– “Ok, I will see you tomorrow morning, Stian and I will be there about 0700. Say hallo to Bjørn Oddvar”.

I am not using the hides a lot, 2-3 times every winter, have no time. So I took my 30D and 300mm 4.0 and a thermos of coffee. Look like it would be a nice day, not snow but spakling star above us.

0700 we arrived the hide, Stian Holmen and I. On the floor Kjartan and Bjørn O. still sleeping.
Good to sit like this, have a joke and some coffe. Good to have this crazy photographers as friends.

See the light as the night disappears, feel the morning, hear the first Eurasian Jay, its just great!

After 2.5 hour, a sound of big wings and something landing at the bait, that’s what we where waiting for, adult Golden Eagle, this beauty of a bird, power, beauty and the EYES!!! Looking around for a few minuts, than a pice of the food. Cameras start to play, and this is just rock’n roll. A few hundred pictures, Golden Eagles had enough after 70 min. Ohh!!

Now we can have a break!! A few hundred shots of the Eurasina jays and THAN, a new juv Golden Eagle appear on the scene. We were to slow to get the great inflight! Shit!!
But now we have this Beauty of a juv. Golden Eagle, and it stayes for 2 hours.

What a day! Good laughs, good friends and real Golden Eagles outside.
Hmm – Maybe I should be a photographer:-)

Ole M


Not the 16.Nov. You should not be here litle beauty, you should be south, prepairing for next years comeback!! My car could not stop on this ice coverd roads before it was to late. In the mirror I could see something lying on the road.

I stoped the car and walked back. I could see the last convulsions from this litle Redwing and feel the heat of a litle dying bird. I feel sad, you had no chance litle Redwing. YOUR song will not be heard anymore. That’s because of me.

Is it only a bird?

Ole M

Walking around

After a successful workshop, with my good friend Brutus Øsling and 7 Swedish photographers, I had Monday 9-11 off.

I told my wife Wenche that I should use that day for some backup fishing.

But as you all know, if they know you have a day of, they want to make a plan!! 🙂
She did not ask for cleaning the house!!!! She said: – “shouldn’t we have a day together, let’s have a mountain walk”.

Plan was made for Monday. Beautiful morning when we started, minus 4 , sun and some mist, I do not take a lot of pictures but today I couldn’t let it be.

In the shadow there was ice, lots of subjects, 7 Willow Ptarmigans was pushed out from some trees by our dog Troj.

Tracks of Moose everywhere. It feels so good to walk when the temperature is low, air is clean and you could walk for days, and a big man like me , I can tell you, was drenched in sweat!!!

After 4 hours walk we made a good fire, made our food over open fire, also this way of making cofe is the best way. It tasted great.

A day like this makes you feel VERY happy to be a part of this beautiful nature, I am normaly a happy “young” lad but this day was just what I needed with my wife.

Thank you Wenche and Troj, a great day togetter with you two. Boys was at School.

New group today and the Golden Eagles, Goshawk and Sea Eagles are as good as last year. Mybe we should make a 7 days workshop , just walking around:-)

With my new ice-filter

Ole Martin Dahle,

Fanstantic week

Again I had a good week in Norway with Ole Martin, I stayed with three other photographers; Marton Karsai, Philip Newman and Mark Hamblin, thank you for the good week we had !!

My goal at this trip was the White-Tailed Eagle, and we had lots of dives and the weather worked well, but there is more then only the Eagles in Flatanger. Lots of Gulls, beautiful scenery with the big clouds and the orange sunsets.

On my way to the Muskox i found some dippers in the river near the road, I had the luck to find a cleaning dipper.

I also wanted to try the muskox on my way back, I started in Kongsvoll and was very happy to find them quick and easy. A group of 11 animals, 9 adults and 2 calfs, and I was able to spend many hours with them, so this trip was also successful.

Thank you for the good week Ole Martin and see you next spring, for another session.

Zenno Bloemendal
The Netherlands

The best skipper!

Norway was as breathtakingly beautiful as I had imagined it would be. Ole was the best skipper and host you could hope for and to share a small part of his incredible relationship with such magnificent birds was a true privilege.

I had a wonderful time and can’t wait to go back.
Samantha, UK

For more of Samantha Durrants photos see:

Lasting imprint

Dear Ole Martin

You are not only providing excellent photo opportunities to professional photographers and keen amateurs, you bring about experiences that will make a lasting imprint on peoples’ minds.

Photos and text from Anders Todal Jenssen, Trondeim.

Andy loves Flatanger

Having sampled the wonder of Winter Eagles with Ole Martin I just couldn’t wait to get back to Flatanger for some summer photography.

I arrived in Lauvsnes at around 3-30pm – within 4 hours I was photographing my first summer eagle from Ole’s boat; and the action never stopped to be honest.

Over the course of the nest few days I obtained hundreds of images of eagles, their aerobatics, their dives for fish and their summer environment. Some of these eagles were most probably those I had photographed on my previous trip, in the winter, and I found it fascinating to see them in their element.

During the winter when they have to resort to scavenging inland they appear to be ‘pushed about’ by the Golden Eagles – being treated with little or no respect even by Ravens.

But here on the summer coastal margins they rule their kingdom from on high; and to have the opportunity to photograph these apex predators doing what they do best, and at such close quarters, really is a privilege.

The other real thrill for me was Arctic Skua – having never so much as clapped eyes on one before this little bird just left me speechless with its’ speed and agility.

Of course, like every other bit of wildlife in the area, they love Ole – they came so close they were nearly in the boat – not an easy shot to make with a 200-400mm f4, but we got there in the end!

After only two trips to Ole Martin Dahles’ I feel as if Flatanger is my second home and I would challenge anyone who experiences the place under Oles’ expert guidance not to feel some sort of deep connection with it.

“Det er noe helt med Ole’s Flatanger opplevelser – takk min venn.!”

Thanks again Ole..


Andy Astbury

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